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Art has been present in my life since I was a child: drawing lessons, music, family outings to museums, cultural trips etc.
I brought this passion with me through the ages and when I moved to Paris, it has blossomed even more intensely.
Parisian by adoption for 17 years, I was introduced to contemporary art at the Louvre School, continuing through the Drouot Formation program and finishing my studies with an MBA in contemporary art from the IESA school, renowned in the art market for training excellent specialists in this field.
After several internships and experiences in contemporary art galleries, fairs and artists’ residencies, having curated a few exhibitions, I now devote myself to sharing my passion and making access to the gallery world more personalized for visitors from different backgrounds.
Over the years my interest in art has also led me to build up my own collection. This experience contributes to my consulting activity and keeps my attention on the contemporary art market permanent.
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