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Olga V6

What art can offer you ?

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The answer to this question is very subjective but alors very broad, as it makes us facing all our emotional scale.

For example, André Malraux’s famous phrase resonates with me: “Art is the shortest path from man to man”. Because there are moments in our lives when words are powerless to connect with our feelings and the energies of society and we turn to the act of creation as the one and only way of expression and communication.

If we go deeper into the notion of contemporary art, we can note these two dimensions:

 – Artistic, which affects the aesthetics of each work and our perception according to our own tastes; 

– and contemporary, which gives us the mirror effect of the modern society with all its ups and downs and provides us with different vision on what’s happening around us. 

Art is also a way of thinking differently, outside of logic and language, which takes us out of the everyday routine and touches our soul.

  • Expanding your knowledge
  • Satisfying your curiosity
  • Providing emotions
  • Discovering unexpected places


dario temoignage e1665906261518
Dario F.

Hi Olga, thanks for your quick answer and for making us discover the Marais galleries. Lots of new information learned. And art people are so gener ous and welcoming! Highly recommend your visit to everybody in search of new art experience!

elena temoignage
Elena G

Ольга, огромное спасибо за тур! По отзывам у меня были высокие ожидания, так вот ты их превзошла! Бонус: удовольствия и новых знаний и открытий больше, а усталости меньше, чем от похода в музей. Обязательно организуемся на другие туры. Моим друзьям французам тоже очень понравилось!

francine temoignage
Francine Caspari

🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️Beau parcours, belles ouvertures de dialogues, intéressantes découvertes progressives, une organisation parfaite. Mille mercis Olga, vous nous avez réjouis!

nathalie temoignage

Bravo Paris Gallery Hop! Une visite enrichissante et remplie d'émotions. J'ai hâte de découvrir d'autres expériences avec Olga

james temoignage

An amazing gallery visit with Olga in the Marais galleries was of big interest for me who wants to start my own collection. Hidden spaces opening us the doors were welcoming and Olga is a great professional!

Capture decran 2021 12 05 012843 e1665906243462

Спасибо за прекрасную экскурсию по Asia Now! Сегодня, благодаря Ольге познакомилась с современными шедеврами мастеров Ирана, Японии, Вьетнама, Сингапура, Австралии и пр. 2,5 часа пролетели незаметно!