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Guided Tours of Contemporary Art Fairs


It is no secret that Paris has historically held a very important place on the world art scene.

Iconic museums, new foundations, the most prestigious exhibitions, world-renowned galleries, the most frequented art fairs where visitors can observe the works of the most fashionable artists.

Through my visits to the fairs you will find yourself at the heart of the trends in the contemporary art market, whether it be in the field of photography or drawing, African art or art from Asia.

As much creative intensity as visual pleasure!

If you would like to plan in visit to Art Basel in Basel, feel free to reach out to me for a personalised program and quote

Parisian contemporary art fairs are spaces rich in visual and sensory information.

I invite you to discover and decipher together the trends of the contemporary art market in the heart of the historical or ephemeral spaces set up for major occasions.

Private or small group visits (6 people maximum).

Duration of the visit:

1h30 – Asia Now, Also Known As Africa (AKAA), Paris Photo
2h – Art Paris, Paris + Art Basel
On request – Art Basel (Basel, Switzerland)

Art Fair

AKAA – Also Know As Africa, Asia Now, Art Paris, Paris + Art Basel, Paris Photo

Number of people

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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